August 29, 2016


Arent we something. Always changing. Evolving. Growing. Learning. I’m onto something here. I’m going to try to stop deleting all my posts because I think its funny to go back and read the way I change over time. I dont even know if changing over time is the correct phrase, its more like im figuring myself out day by day, more and more.

Im outside on this hot summer day, sipping coffee. Overtime… I have slowly started to really enjoy coffee. Although Im one of those people that have to add every form of sugar to this cup and finish it with a drop of coffee. Its pretty gross honestly.

Summer is getting closer to the end. And im sad to see this one go. Ive met some pretty awesome people and Ive had my eyes opened to alot of new things. I have a heart of gold. I have no problem wearing it on my sleeve and telling everyone how significant they are in my life. For i don’t need possessions, items, clothes…etc. Yes i like these things…. but i am enjoying experiences with people MORE. i love that. You may laugh and wonder how i can fall so fast and quickly into new relationships with those around me…. but its because I see the good in them. Something so very few can understand. Its something that cant be taught… you either get it or you dont. ” Taylor how do you become friends with someone so easily/fast? ” because I see the good in them. Listen to those around you. REALLY LISTEN. Stop talking for a second and see how someone else is doing. I promise 3/4 of the people you ask how their day is lie…. No ones life is perfect. If you have amazing people in your life, TELL THEM! Life is too short for positive words and love to NOT be said! I am making it my goal to make at least one persons day, each day. Because so many people have made my days and alot of them probably dont know it. Lets bring back the positivity. Lets bring back the love. Lets remember that everyone is DIFFERENT. Lets make this life one to remember and bring back the happiness!!! (: